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“Please, have a seat! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am compiling everything I know of this exciting new world. This codex will serve as a way to guide our thoughts as well as chronicle that which you have explored. Together, we may have the truth of this grand puzzle, the Great Game of Mythryn. Please, do not hesitate to add to my excerpts. I am always a sucker for primary sources.”

Contains a world map, description of locations, and events throughout the ages in Mythryn.

Includes a Registry of Players, NPCs, Races, and Organizations of Mythryn. As we learn more, more will be added.

Deities and Demigods
Reveals the deities revered by the folk of Mythryn. I am not a member of the clergy, so the information is not exhaustive, but we may reveal more as we explore.

Magic is widely known in Mythryn with both traditional and novel uses unique to the academic community.

The Passing of Time
The calendar is of great importance to the Timekeepers, who believe that birthday is of significance to each and every soul. What portents stem from your beginnings?

The Planes
It is said that Mythryn lies as a central hub in the Weave, enabling limited passage to different planes of existence. Masters arcanists claim some planes are inaccessible or forgotten due to ancient pacts and rites: still more are yet to be discovered.

Main Page

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