“Mythryn is a wide world with three known continents, separated by the torrential maw that is the Sea of Storms. Though there is some difficulty to traveling between the lands, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure abroad and within. It is said that Mythryn, though peaceful in the present, is actually the battleground of noble ambition. However, some believe that this conflict goes a lot higher: the deities themselves.

Such are the musings of philosophers and priests. I am merely a historian. What stories may I bring to life for you today?"

World Map
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Mythryn is split into three continents: Taren, Urdonn, and Nankar. For some of the places you’ve visited, you may know more than I do, but hopefully I can still surprise you.

Defining Events
History is gone… sometimes far gone. But as long as I take breath, it will not be forgotten.


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