The Planes

“The world is a wide place: wider than Mythryn itself. Through the Weave, a tapestry of the fabrics of reality, wizards have seen other existences not unlike our own. Lands of charred earth, balmy heights, and oceans of stars: these are just a sampling of the planescape. Little is known for certain about other planes of existence. What is real is the risk taken by exploring them.

To strum the Weave and pluck it for our purposes on Mythryn is a curious endeavor: this is what we know as magic. But to walk through it is another thing entirely. Most arcanists avoid it like plaguecraft. Several factions in Mythryn see it as blasphemous or at the very least ill-advised.

Others make it a career. These types are exceedingly rare— either because they are off in their own world… or because they quite abruptly cease to exist."

Echo Planes

  • Shadowfell
  • Feywild
  • Etherea

Inner Planes

  • Astral Sea

Elder Planes

  • The Nine Hells
  • Celestia

This knowledge is exceedingly rare. If you find evidence of specific locations, please help me document the results!

The Planes

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