Adrik Dalnalest

You request my audience, Sir Adrik?
Yes, Your Lordship. Thank you for your time. It is with a heavy heart that I must ask to renounce my knighthood.
This comes as a great surprise to me. You are asking to resign?
Yes, My Lord. Will you accept this resignation?
As far as I am concerned, you are a free dwarf, Sir Adrik, free to do as you wish within the bounds of the law. But a Knight Devout to the crown is a high honor for a warrior of Nimbury.
It is true, Lord Trimble, a high honor indeed.
Then what other obligation calls you from your post?
My duty as a knight has not changed: it is to resist tyranny and protect those in need of protection. Although, following the cease of our crusades to free Makon slaves, I do not feel as though Anaroth is in a position to help these people. It is my quest to help the Makon resist the cruelty of Grisward and I must continue it, even at the cost of my home nation.
I assure you, Sir Knight, the eradication of Grisward is a high priority of the crown. But these matters are far more complicated than you make them out. How should a single knight of Makon expect to tip the scales?
I will fight fire with fire, My Lord. To oppose the infernal power of Grisward, I shall make a pact for hellish power of my own.

My Lord?
Honorable and dutiful you have always been, but never this foolhardy. What exactly should a devil want with the destruction of Grisward?
The devil cares for blood indiscriminately. I shall simply deliver him that of those deserving.
I’m sure you understand that this will strip you of not only your post, but likely your citizenship.
Yes, My Lord. I return to Your Lordship the service of my squires, other equipments, and the right to residence, all which you and the crown have graciously provided me. As a show of my gratitude to the crown, you have my word that I shall not show aggression to knights and citizens of Anaroth on my quest so long as they make no move to jeopardize my mission.
You are young for a dwarf, Sir Adrik, and still idealistic. You have time yet to achieve fame and favor in the courts of Anaroth. Such things can be used to leverage our politics in Sharrn. I will accept your resignation, but I do believe you will see reason in due time.
I understand, Lord Trimble. But I shall always be a knight, not a noble. I will not lose my way. I have two final requests before I take my leave.
Yes, speak.
I ask that a squire bring me a whetstone with which to sharpen this sword once last time.
Granted. What else?
Thank you, My Lord. I plan to forswear my membership to the Dalnalest clan, so as not to tarnish my family with my infernal pact. Though we are but blacksmiths, we are honorable, and my family should not suffer the repercussions of my decision.
And what is your request?
My leave dishonors my family, my country, and My Lord. And for that I deserve humiliation in the eyes of each. As such, Your Lordship, I ask that the final act of this sword be the shaving of my beard by your hand.
Very well. Squire, do as your knight commands.

Adrik is a muscular, healthy-looking male dwarf with a clean-shaven face. He stands 4’10’’ always with exquisite posture and keeps a deliberate bearing at 175lbs. Brown eyes and a severe expression is the only parts of his olive complexion visible of Adrik due to his black-painted, ashy plate armor, adding an additional 40lbs to his steps. His tone is kind and respectful but never friendly. He carries no visible weapons, something that does not seem to diminish his confidence.

Str: 18
Dex: 8
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 14

HP: 43
AC: 18
Speed: 30ft

Pact Weapon Attacks: +7
Spell Attack: +5
Spell Save DC: 13

Saves: Wis and Cha

-Deception: +5
-Intimidation: +5
-Investigation: +3
-Persuasion: +5

-Heavy Armor

Adamantine Plate (Can’t be critted)
Boots of Striding and Springing (Speed 30; Can jump up to 21 up, 54 horizontal with 10ft start, not to exceed movement speed)

*Eldritch Blast
*Mage Hand
*Minor Illusion
1- Armor of Agathys
1- Hex
2- Blindness/Deafness
2- Hold Person
3- Fear
3- Fireball

Adrik Dalnalest

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