The historian, Kero, found himself in the ruined great library on Ithilien. The room was filled with tomes that appeared deceptively ancient. A rusted metallic statue stood guard at the back the room, the circle of the moon emblazoned on his chest- a last vestige of the stalwart nature of this culture. The wooden walls were ornately decorated with carvings of stories from the feywild.

Kero had found great joy in these years of his life exploring the vibrant culture of a lost race, the Eladrin. These fey-walkers had once inhabited this island and the lands surrounding and had created beautiful cities in the trees and communed with the spirits of the natural world. Kero often found a disturbing solace in the writing of Eladrin scholars and politicians about the environmental damage caused by the expansion of Nimbury, most specifically Rauros, and the disregard for the land and resources of Taren. The Eladrin were now dead and so was much of what they defended. They were so right and it got them so little.

He cracked the final volume in the writings of Rosaria, a scribe of the Circle of the Moon,

Twelve. That is the number of capable Druids that remain in our circle. We were once represented across this world on every continent. When we would convene at the Moon Festival there would be faces I would not recognize. Now my peers all sleep under the same roof. My entire race sleeps on the same landmass as me. We are dying and so is this world. I welcome the embrace of the feywild.

“A flair for the dramatic would be an understatement,” Kero muttered to himself, “but she understood much that her contemporaries did not.” Kero felt the hair on his neck rise. He felt un-alone, but often experienced this phenomenon when reading history and pressed on,

Tiradiel contracted the mainland for help and he arrived last week. He is a strange and small creature, a gnome, Finlink, but he has a reverence for this world the same as us. We are one under Mythryn’s moon. He has worked quickly and quietly in our study as our circle has resigned themselves to their fate. Tomorrow is our ascension, our fusion, our death. The grand irony is that our souls will live on protecting this world in a vessel of the machinations trying to destroy it.

Confusion struck Kero,”Souls will live on…?”

A metallic thud made Kero’s head shoot up. He frantically looked around the room for its source. His feeling was justified. He was not alone. The fingers of the statue curled.


Ithil is a Warforged Battle Caster created by the Eladrin Druidic Circle of the Moon in a last ditch effort to preserve their race and culture. He was created to combat the growing decadence and environmental destruction of Nimbury. Ithil, while having led a mostly hermetic life, holds the community of Eladrin that created him in high regard. He is often shunned, however, by the remaining Eladrin, most of whom disagreed with the Circle’s decision to create Ithil, and constantly fights to gain their respect.

Ithil’s remaining connections include the Eladrin society that he protects from afar and his creator, Finlink, who he sees as a father figure.

Ithil could be motivated by any of the following hooks:

  • A threat to the world on a global scale
  • A threat to the forest/environment or the remaining Eladrin
  • A threat to the feywild or Ithilien
  • A plot to take down Nimbury or Sharrn or any city/country which he sees as destructive
  • A legend of a way to become flesh and blood

Ithil is a tall and heavy being constructed wholly out of metal. He is almost seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. Finlink offered to construct him of wood for the Circle druids, but they, against their better judgement, decided to try and make Ithil as durable and persistent as possible. He has the Circle of the Moon inscribed on his chest surrounded by the twelve druidic symbols that represented each of the remaining members of the circle.

Ithil wears no armor but his chassis, though he does wear a deep green cloak of the Circle of the Moon. In a necklace Ithil carries his Druidic focus – a vial of blood.

Ithil battles dual-wielding two light scimitars,. While he has an ability to use Druidic magic he often relies on his beast form to fight, hide, and travel. His beast form is possible because of Finlink’s innovative engineering and the magic inherited from the circle druids. He can transform into any beast he has seen and appears as a warforged version of this creature. He can, however, use druidic magic to alter his appearance to match the beast’s natural form.

Ithil’s nature as a construct limits the kinds of druidic magic he can use. Unlike most druids Ithil can not channel the power of poison or the power of lightning and thunder. Ithil’s spell casting focuses on the plants and animals of the natural world and the cycles of the moon and sun. In certain circumstances Ithil can use power of cold and flame. Ithil can also cure the wounds of others, but his abilities are ineffective when used on himself.

Birthday: Dusk


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